Our Mission


Our mission at Be A Beacon In Your Industry is to empower start up companies, micro businesses and solopreneurs to truly understand all of the aspects of running a business in a fun and supportive way. Our cohorts are run by leading coaching professionals to guide the cohort members into a solid business structure with ongoing sustainability.

Our ultimate goal is to increase the number of businesses that survive past the first 5 years by helping them understand how to effectively and efficiently run a successful business while taking the bullshit out of business.

Our Commanders

Strategic Advisor Board​

Rapidly scale your business while giving yourself more freedom & improving your lifestyle. We help business owners finally enjoy the business they worked so hard to build. Now you can have 10 active "working" CEO’s helping you grow & scale your business. Our performance-based model means we get paid when you see results. That’s the power of “TEAM”!

Summit VA Solutions

Summit VA Solutions offers a wide array of virtual assistants for business owners that struggle to keep up with day to day tasks. 

Sharing The Credit

  Sharing the Credit makes everything we touch give.  We often save businesses thousands a year, while showing the business how to legally redirect a fee to their favorite charity. This makes you 'the business with a heart'. You can even get a MC/Visa door sticker showing your charity. We've given away millions that normally just go back into the system, but now go to your cause.

Prepare 4 VC

Prepare 4 VC helps early early stage founders connect with the right people, at the right place at the right time to grow and scale their venture. We started with a simple goal of boosting the 98.5% of startups that are currently left out of VC financing and the 9/10 startups that fail to help you build a successful venture.

Savvy Sales Strategy

Are you at a place in your business where you’re looking to free up time so you can work on your business and with your clients? Maybe the right place is to outsource your sales calls. Learn more below

Services we offer


Be A Beacon Startups is our initial course designed to help people develop their business quickly with the least amount of friction possible.

We ensure that you are building in a profit bearing space before you decide to build your business. We assure that your business will not just be based on passion with no ability to turn a profit.

This is a self guided course that you can go through in as little as a couple of weeks. There are 8 lessons and 8 challenges to go through to prepare yourself for business ownership. By the time you complete this course you will have a legitimate business up and running and ready to roll! 

Dock 1


Dock 1 is our first course for small business owners. It is an 8 week course where we cover Sustainability In Business Foundation by coaching our cohort members in business development, marketing/pr, sales and mindset to maintain balance as we transition your business.

Dock 2


Dock 2 is our second course where we use the next 8 weeks to coach you on Productive Business Development. We pull from the same facets in this course; business development, marketing/pr, sales and mindset. But we also incorporate what they have learned in the previous Dock and show you how to marry that to the new information learned.

Dock 3


Dock 3 we get into Sustainability Through Growth. During these 8 weeks you learn how to grow and scale your business while also learning how to have your systems and strategies grow with your organization. This unfortunately is where most companies fail, making this entire course a necessary component for success.

One on One Coaching


One on one coaching is available with the coaches that have one on one on their profile. You are able to work with your favorite coaches to achieve your goals as a business owner. Our Be A Beacon Certified Coaches offer a wide variety of specialties so you are able to match with the coach that you need to focus on your areas of weakness. 1 on 1 Coaching is 4, hour long calls per month but longer contracts are available.

Yacht Club Mastermind


After you have completed all the Dock levels our cohort members are invited to the Yacht Club Mastermind. Here you engage in a once per month Mastermind Call, 24×7 access to our Facebook support & resource group, quarterly virtual events, access to our Commanders, sponsored talks, advanced training and ongoing support with our Captain level coaches.

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Startup Resources

Looking for help in starting a business? We offer a number of great and free resources that you need to know to start a business.

Small Business Resources

For existing business owners there is not much available to help guide you through business ownership. Be A Beacon offers a number of options to help you on your path to a success Click here to learn more


We have a complete list of trusted service providers that been pre-vetted by us. If you are in need of assistance in a product or service for your organization, you will find the resource here. Click here to learn more

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We have created alliances with organizations that offer live, hybrid and virtual events that are designed for business owners like yourself. This directory will let you know what events are available. To find events click the button below.


Success Stories from Our Amazing Members

Our Cohorts have dramatically changed their business for the better. Here are some of their stories
  • Her paint-by-numbers approach has helped me establish my business vision with laser clarity

    Steve McNail - Blooming Life Remedies
    After taking several courses on building an online business, I realized there were many missing components that no class revealed until I took Suzanne's eight-week group coaching session. Suzanne is like the art teacher who creates the numbers for you to paint your business masterpiece! Her paint-by-numbers approach has helped me establish my business vision with laser clarity. I now have a 5 phase business plan designed to take me to the top of my game!
  • I had no idea about the structure and systems, or the dynamics and algorithms of social media and marketing

    Joanne Mello - Owner, Empowerment Through Healthy Habits
    Be a Beacon in your Industry changed the trajectory of my coaching business. Starting a new business I had no idea about the structure and systems, or the dynamics and algorithms of social media and marketing. Suzanne’s program is structured in a simple step by step process that’s so easy to understand. The private FB cohort group was supportive and entertaining ! Suzanne’s in depth understanding of business along with her attention to detail combined with her genuine compassion to help you succeed is unsurpassed! Thank you Suzanne
  • I would recommend this online workshop to anyone who is starting a business

    Gail Hicks - Celly Sculpting
    I was very pleased with this online class to help me understand and learn all the facets of business marketing from beginning a business to social media and how to implement. There are so many branches to building a business and so many different ways to reach your clients that this class explains every aspect of helping you to promote and drive more business to you and also helps you to manage your time better. I would recommend this online workshop to anyone who is starting a business and needs motivation and help or to anyone who is already in a business and needs inspiration or to expand their reach. Suzanne is a wonderful wealth of knowledge in the business marketing and she understands and operates all types of branding to help you facilitate the direction you are heading.
  • If you want an accounting of your worth, count your friends

    Jessica Smith - Amazon co.
    People who build their own home tend to be very courageous. These people are curious about life. They're thinking about what it means to live in a house, rather than just buying a commodity and making it work.