About Us

We value our start-up, solopreneur and micro business community. This area of business is often ignored because their budget is very limited however they need the most help and guidance. There are a number of small business courses out there but they are missing the coaching factor and that is what we bring to the table. We wanted to ensure that proper care, time and support are top priorities so we have created a system that was going to bring proven results to start up, solopreneur and micro business owners.

We have put together 16 lessons in an ideal sequence to gain the highest results for business owners. These 16 lessons are spread out over 8 weeks to ensure that the business owner has time to be able to still run their business while making the necessary updates as they grow. With these lessons the cohort member will be on a weekly coaching call with the other members of their cohort. Each cohort has 20 members and 1 coach. The calls are 2 hours long through Google Meet and are defined to be able to answer questions, offer support and guidance, brainstorm and coach the cohort members with plenty of room for celebrations! You will also gain access to your cohorts exclusive Facebook group for ongoing support throughout your journey. 

Once you have completed your 8 week cohort you will be invited to join the graduated class Facebook group to be able to mingle with other business owners that have been on the same path as you to build a solid and sustainable business. This group allows you to network and get advice from other business owners while also having access to all of our coaches for guidance and support. 

Ready to get started? Go to our coaches and choose the coach that you feel will most help you on your journey and they will be happy to have you join their next cohort! Remember, seats are limited and are going fast. Book your seat now to prevent waiting months for your next opportunity to work with your coach! Click Meet our coaches now below to learn more about our coaches today!