Our Coaches

We have the most amazing coaches that have high levels of dedication and care for the small business community. All of our coaches are trained and certified in our proven system. Each coach also has different areas of expertise to properly guide you on your journey. Please go through all of our coaches and find the best fit for what you want to accomplish.

Mark DeVincentis

Marketing & Sales Strategist Coach

A business leader coach and consultant since 2017, Mark has worked with clients in multiple industries focusing on marketing strategies that work and sales coaching / strategies that get the most out of each sales organization. He has worked with organizations with annual revenues from $55,000 to over $10 million and with organizations comprising of just 1 person to over 100. Prior to coaching and consulting, Mark has spent over 40 years in sales, management and sales management, managing teams from 5 to over 400. Mark brings a common – sense approach to coaching and consulting focusing on improving processes and systems with the goals of increasing revenue and improving cash flow.He has worked with management from the mid – level to the CEO level on leadership and management skill development. When working with any business Mark likes to initially focus on what he calls the 3 S’s and 1 P. Strategy, Structure, Systems and People. Focusing on those 4 areas can only assure a company will reach its full potential.

Likes: Football, Golf & Hockey, Discipline and Humor

Dislikes: Selfish people, Not working to potential and Reality TV


Steve McNail – Healthy Life Business Coach

Bringing 23 years of experience to the coaching world, Steve McNail has an extensive background as a certified trainer and consultant.
Steve is a Healthy Life Business Coach who teaches options to sustain physical and mental health in the workplace. As an entrepreneur of thirteen years, he understands the daily challenges people face relating to the
stress and frustration of running their own business. McNail teaches proven methods to reduce work-related
stress that is simple, practical, and valuable.
McNail taught the Occupational Safety and Health Administration & (OSHA) 30 and 40-hour Construction and General Industry courses as an authorized Outreach Trainer. For thirteen years, he taught job-related courses, including Occupational Health for Construction, Oil & Gas, and General Industries.
For ten years, Steve owned a training center, teaching martial arts, cardio fitness, women in their 30’s & 40’s self-defense, and defensive tactics for law enforcement. He received his National Instructor Certification in the art of Taekwondo,
achieving the rank of 3rd-degree black belt.
For the last three years, McNail has been building two online health & wellness businesses.
Steve lives in a small town west of New Orleans, La. He is a U.S. Navy veteran who loves to travel.
He enjoys riding his motorcycle, researching natural health, visiting with friends, and exercising in his spare time.

Likes: Martial Arts, Singing, Motorcycles

Dislikes: Negative attitudes, Gossip, Opera

David Charles

Growth & Impact Strategist Coach

When (com)passionate business leaders experience misalignment it can be a drain on the resources. It’s especially difficult when it hits the financial and emotional accounts.  I work with clients to implement foundational operating principles as well as competitive forward looking strategies.  Balancing purpose with passion, process and profits. 
David has been recognized throughout his career as having a unique ability to assist leaders and teams in building high performing organizations.  Happily married to his childhood friend, David and Lisa are proud parents of 5 children and have been homeschooling for over 22 years.
Spending time with my wife Lisa. Mangoes. Travel. 
Cold weather. Sitting in traffic. Mosquitoes. 

Kelli Towers 

Professional Leadership & Management Coach

As a certified coach and trainer, I work with motivated clients ready for next level success. It is often getting clarity and focus on your next best step that gets you from where you are and where you dream to be. I am an active listener and intuitive coach who assists you in identifying the roadblocks and limiting beliefs, keeping you stuck and holding you back from attaining goals. Then through safe and open conversation, we work together to rebuild your mindset to move you forward to achieving those goals. I became a certified coach after more than 25 years of professional leadership and management roles. You will benefit from my experience in the business world coaching coworkers through several promotions and to dream jobs. Additionally as a two-time small business owner, I understand the challenges of investing too much self, time and resources in the business and risking burn out. Together we will discover the personal shifts necessary to move you forward and again improve your mindset to greater success. 

I am passionate about working with clients motivated to live their most fulfilled and authentic lives.

Likes: early morning bike rides, sunrise & sunset, hanging out on porch with friends, laughing with my kids, road trips

Dislikes: small talk, too much formality, paper cuts

Richelle Jessey

Human Resources & Training Coach

As a Human Resources and Training professional, Richelle has experience in coaching business leaders in various contexts: leadership and management, talent development, performance management, policy deployment, compensation, hiring and termination, compliance and regulatory adherence, and developing business strategy to optimize human capitol.  Working in a fast-paced medical device manufacturing industry has allowed her to practice agility in an evolving environment and has also provided the opportunity to experience a broad range of projects and assignments. One of these assignments included Interim Human Resources Manager at a secondary site with responsibility for ~800 employees. 

Richelle has experience in complex project management and successfully demonstrated this through the development of a manufacturing training department that achieved over $200K in retention cost savings, a significant reduction in training time (>50%), increased process efficiency, overall culture enhancement and a Star of Excellence divisional award within one year of implementation.  

With a BSW (Bachelor of Social Work), MAIOP (Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology) and a core energy coaching certification, Richelle has focused her career on relationship building and partnering with others to achieve the most desirable outcomes possible.  The core energy coaching process challenges individuals to break through limiting beliefs, assumptions and/or doubts or “blocks” that may be keeping them from achieving their ultimate abilities and success.

Richelle strives to using core energy coaching and industry experience to optimize the strengths of others, as well as unlock potential in order to increase performance and success through her newly formed coaching business, Level-up Coaching, LLC.  

“If you don’t step forward, you will always be in the same place.” – Nora Roberts

Likes: Personal and professional development books/training, wine tasting with friends and being active.

Dislikes: Negative/Pessimistic perspectives, lying and those who try to put others down.


Jason Madden

Career Ownership Coach

My goal is to Contribute to the success of others and to make a positive impact in their lives. I do that by helping others figure out their “You 2.0” and take ownership of their career. I provide an education, awareness, and discovery journey into franchise entrepreneurship, where I have access to hundreds of leading opportunities/possibilities.

I help fellow veterans and seasoned professionals reach their goals of business ownership through proven processes and methods that have helped hundreds of thousands of people reach their goals of self-sufficiency. Through this process, over 95% of my clients that decide to take that leap into business ownership end up in opportunities they admittedly would have never looked at on their own.

If you are already in your business, and are just getting started, my experience in helping entrepreneur’s launch successful businesses in nearly 75 industries will help you gain better insight into what to expect in year one and two, and how to avoid similar pitfalls that many entrepreneurs have faced in the beginning. With my years of experience in franchising, and being a multi-brand owner, along with my knowledge and experiences in project management in the defense industry and corporate, I can help you develop systems and processes that will help you position your business to scale as a franchise, or into multiple units.  

Likes: Health and Wellness, Powerlifting, self-development, IPA’s (in moderation of course 😊 ), and relating and connecting with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives. 

Dislikes:  Dishonesty, not following through with commitments, and…Peeps. They’re disgusting!

Ryan Heise

Business & Life Coach

Why can two people learn the same material or get the same training and one greatly improves from it and one does not?  They both received the same information.  Reason: Limiting beliefs and what I call “blind spots”.  You can be taught every “how-to” and strategy out there, but if your mind is not where it should be due to conscious & unconscious limiting beliefs or “blind spots” (things we don’t even realize we are doing or not doing), the results can be polar opposites and have nothing to do with the training itself.  

Being involved with a 100% family-run bowling alley and bar which my grandfather built in 1965 and is still fully operational today, I have firsthand experience of the ups and downs that small businesses go through.  I have 15 years in law enforcement and have been introduced to countless types of leadership styles.  Unfortunately, the majority were not very good.  What I found was that the major contributing cause was poor communication skills.  This really inspired me to examine human behavior and I became fascinated with what influences or motivates a person to what they do (or not do).  

During my quest to improve my own life, I’ve been very fortunate to have been introduced to people and opportunities where I was able to serve at a high level.  As a police officer, there was a point where I was really feeling the need for more fulfillment.  I started a part-time sales position (turned full-time) that grew very rapidly to where I built a sales team of over 1500 people and held weekly leadership training.  The leadership training led to business coaching which I didn’t plan on doing, I was actually asked by a business owner to help him with his company.  Of course I said yes, and it was without question one of the best decisions of my life.  Through word of mouth only, my coaching business took on a life of its own due to my ability to reframe the way my clients’ see their world.  

Knowing that serving people is my true purpose in life, I decided to help young teens and became a school teacher at an inner city middle school teaching health for three years which I recently ended in June 2019.  This is all while having my coaching business and real estate business.  So for those who “don’t have the time” I know what it is like to be busy, but I also know that with the right mindset you can trim the unnecessary self-defeating thoughts and really live a productive life. 

 In my coaching cohorts, not only will you be learning the curriculum, which is absolutely amazing, I will help you perform at a higher level by breaking through the barriers that are keeping you from living your full potential. This is done by helping you shift your perspective to see from a slightly different angle which will open up a whole new world where you can begin to craft your vision into a reality. 

Likes: God (love), vacations, weightlifting
Dislikes: Complainers, bitter cold weather, peas


John Levy

Restaurant & Food Industry Coach

Hello, My Name is John Levy and I am a Restaurant Coach with Be A Beacon In Your Industry.  First, I want to welcome you all and let you know that I look forward to getting to know all of you and second, I cannot wait to share with you all the knowledge I have gained over the years.

I have 25 years of experience working throughout the Restaurant Industry, which as provided me with a lot of knowledge to share.  I have experience with opening and operating restaurants, menu development, front & back of house procedures and symmetry, event & catering planning and much more.  As a coach for Be A Beacon In Your Industry I will help you read and understand the map In front of you.  In doing so, you will be able to understand what it is to open your business, develop and grow as your understanding becomes stronger.  At the end of the day my goal is to help you find your way to and reach your summit, know then that the other ones you see in front of you can be climbed too.

To help understand me better I want to tell a short synopsis of myself.  I am an Eagle Scout, started as a Tiger Scout.  From this part of my life, I have learned to appreciate the solitude and comfort nature offers, and bring that emotion to the restaurant industry.  This industry provides humanity the same way nature does in more ways than one may realize.  When I was 14, I got a job at KFC as a prep-cook and once in high school I got a job running a small kitchen at a local sports bar.  Since then, I have held many positions within the kitchen and front of the house.  This is when I realized how when you understand oh the kitchen and front of the house flows and bends with the ebb and flows of the shifts, is when you see how it is similar to the days of time.  

I have become a coach for these very reasons and understandings.  I have worked alongside many individuals within this industry and can always spot when someone realizes that it is not the satisfaction of cooking something you thought of or making that perfect drink or to having your best day as a server, but the way it makes that person feel and remember something all because of something you created.  So as my Cohort I want you all to keep this one thing in mind.  Always take that second to stand back and look from the outside, as though you are the one reading the book.  By that, I mean take your time on Your trail to Your summit.

Likes: Being Outside, Cooking, Walking My Dog 

Dislikes: Days & Weeks always feel too short, Arrogance & Ignorance and  Fiddlehead     IPA (I Know but, what can I say)

Anna Mandell

Business Residual Coach

With over 10 years of experience in leadership, emotional intelligence, team training, sales, sales training, managerial process improvement and optimization, and so much more, Anna Mandell has combined her own personal style with proven systems of reputable organizations such as Landmark Worldwide, Toastmasters, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Be a Beacon, and plenty others.

As a prestigious business consultant, Anna Mandell works with small to medium-sized businesses. She will not work with everyone. Her clients are hungry for success, coachable, and determined. Oftentimes, they feel as though they need a set of skilled ears as a sounding board to discover how to obtain the next opportunity. Sometimes, they’re looking for some guidance and accountability in particular areas of their business.

The clients who’ve worked with Anna have saved tens of thousands of dollars in overhead annually as well as increased their reliable monthly cash flow. Moreover, their teams’ deliverables drastically outperformed previous performances.