Starting a business can be very difficult without the right support and connections. At Be A Beacon we strive to assist startup and small business owners to find the resources they need to grow and obtain their goals. Below you will find trusted resources to help you start your business and grow in your infancy state.

Be A Beacon Startups

Be A Beacon Startups is our initial course designed to help people develop their business quickly with the least amount of friction possible.

We ensure that you are building in a profit bearing space before you decide to build your business. We assure that your business will not just be based on passion with no ability to turn a profit.

This is a self guided course that you can go through in as little as a couple of weeks. There are 8 lessons and 8 challenges to go through to prepare yourself for business ownership. By the time you complete this course you will have a legitimate business up and running and ready to roll! 

Boston New Technology

Boston New Technology is a not-for-profit startup, technology and business community of 28k professionals, whose mission is to help local businesses launch and grow, especially startups!

BNT runs startup showcases, and tech and startup seminars, with networking, to connect the community.

BNT’s network extends to Austin, Texas, with over 50k members across 15 meetup groups!

Startup Sandbar

This Facebook/Meta group offers support, training, live events and mini lessons to startup companies. We also allow for startups to share their business to increase engagement on your social platforms.